Our Merinos

Ambleside merinosAmbleside Pastoral Company started about 20 years a go with the purchase of 1800 acres in the Western District of Victoria—great sheep growing country. We are 2 hours drive from Melbourne via Geelong. At the time we were both working in Melbourne and used to spend every weekend at the farm. David continued to work in Melbourne to finance the new venture, and Barbara left to concentrate on the farm business. David is now at Ambleside 95% of the time with a few commitments still in Melbourne. We both have been avid readers and workshop participants and still continue with some of these eg The Mackinnon Project.

Briefly our aim has been to breed superfine Merinos—well conformed, uniform sheep with magnificent soft handling wool.

Twenty years on and it is such a joy to run your fingers through our wool—soft,white, bright wool.. It is SO soft! Shearing is an exciting time—seeing and feeling the results of a year’s hard labour as sheep require much constant attention and attention to detail is important!

sheep drench resistance trialAs many newcomers to an industry we had lots of setbacks and many times wondered why we were continuing to do this! BUT the results have been worth it! Last year’s flock averaged 5 kilograms weight with an average micron of 17.3, standard deviation of 3.4 and comfort factor of 99.5%. The comfort factor of our main lines was 99.8%.

Our Merino stud and commercial flock is based on Rockbank Blood and we are very fortunate to have John Crawford class our ewes. Currently our flock is approximately 4000.

As mentioned, attention to detail is very important and one example of this is we undertook a Drench Resistance Trial here last November (performed by Mackinnon staff), and the results were very pleasing: Abamectin, Ivomec, Cydectin 100% effective. Rametin, Combination 99% effective.