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Ambleside Alpacas and Merinos


Our farm

Barbara and David Linley with Anne Bean, established Ambleside Alpacas in 1998. Using their backgrounds in dog, horse and sheep breeding combined with zoology, genetics and business experience, they are determined to develop and improve the alpaca breed.

Ambleside Pastoral Company, in conjunction with Ambleside Alpacas, is situated on 1800 acres in the Western District of Victoria. Ambleside prides itself on breeding superfine alpaca and merino producing luxurious fleece for the premium market.

Ambleside Alpacas also prides itself on producing and maintaining healthy, high quality animals. Breeding utilises both natural and embryo transfer [ET] programs to produce true to type, well conformed alpacas with fine, lustrous and dense fleece in white/light fawn which can be easily dyed. Both Suris and Huacayas exhibit a beautiful handle. All animals are side sampled and fleece weighed annually. The results are analysed each year.

Consistent detailed planning goes into Ambleside Alpacas’ breeding program and superior genetic stock is always sourced. The selection of stud males is carefully planned, with the quality of the animals being reflected in both fleece results and major show successes.

A select group of animals is available for the discerning purchaser. Statistics are available on request. Agistment is offered at Ambleside Alpacas as is on-going support when purchasing animals.